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UMW Library Guide to GIS Resources

Images, movies, and audio — What are your favorite sites for finding these kinds of historical materials?  Post them on your blogs (linking to this post) or post them in the comments here.

Examples of UMW student digital projects:


Wiki projects:

New American History

Assignments for next week’s discussion of The New American History

  • Monday – Preface, Introduction, Chapters 1-5
    • Davis, Elle, Jessica, Ellen, Maura
  • Wednesday – Chapters 6-10
    • Tommy, Justin, Cheryl, Kari
  • Friday –Chapters 11-16
    • Matt, Amanda, Lacey, Julie, Mary Beth

How does one lead a discussion on readings? What approaches might you take?

Remember that I need to have your revised literature review emailed to me by the start of class time on Friday.  No paper copy is necessary.

See the History Department Resource page for more information on:


Ellipses & Brackets

Passive Voice

Which was which?

Go ahead and create a brief post explaining which of your two stories was true and which was false.

I really enjoyed reading all of your autobiographical (and nearly autobiographical) paragraphs.

Here are just a few of the most-commented-on posts for us to discuss in class.


Mary Beth






By class time on Friday, make sure you have your two paragraphs up.  One must be completely accurate and the other must have some kind of inaccuracy.  Do not tell anyone which is which until after Monday’s class discussion.

By class time Monday, comment on at least two of your classmates’ postings with your guesses and reasons for that guess.

[Readers outside the class should feel free to click on the Student Blog Postings Tab and post your own guesses on the students’ blogs about which paragraph is real and which includes something made up or exaggerated.]

I know talking to many of you that you’ve had trouble with sending your Word 2007 files to people who can’t open them with our older versions of MS Word.

One solution is to follow this link to a YouTube video explaining how you can save your file in a format that will work on earlier versions of Word.

Start watching at ~3:40 in the 5+ minute piece.

[Hat Tip to Andy Rush, UMW’s Media Specialist]

1) Yankee Town — p. 5-6

2) “‘The Signalman'” — p. 445

3)”‘Of Necessity'” — p. 78

4) Henry Elison Letter — p. 28

5) No page number

6) “From Coverture to Obligation” — p. 362-365

7) “The United States and ‘Psychological Warfare'” — p. 1320

For Monday, the Secondary Source Analysis Questions:

Start by providing the full bibliographic citation for one of your secondary sources

Compose an answer to the following questions:

1. Provide some information about the author.

2. Why did the author write this book? What’s the author’s perspective?

3. What is the author’s methodology? What sources does the author use? What is the book’s thesis?

4. When was the book written?

5. How will you use the source for your paper?

6. What are some of the problems that you foresee in using this source for your paper?

For Wednesday, the Chapter Assignments for The New American History are as follows:

2 Mary Beth

3 Davis

4 Tommy

5 Ellen

6 Maura

7 Jessica

8 Justin

9 Lee

10 Julie

11 Amanda

12 Cheryl

13 Matt

14 Lacey

15 Elle

16 Kari

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